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1. We call the small horses of Takara Island”Tokara Pony”. The island is in the Tokara Archipelago about 170 nautical miles southwest of Kagoshima. This pony has its origin in the pony brought about 1900 from Kikai Island of the Oshima Archipelago adjacent the Hokkaido horse, the Tokara pony, the Korean pony, the Mongolian horse, etc.1. The ancient horses of Japan can be classed according to their size, as Small and Medium sized. The horses of Izumi (Jomon Period, Kagoshima Prefecture), Tayui (First phalanx It is a small breed of horse phenotype but pony height, typically 11 hands (44 inches, 112 cm). It is also very rare, with fewer than 200 individuals known to live in Japan. It is one of eight horse breeds native to Japan. History The exact origins of Every year there are dance shows with the traditional andalucian horses. I have 6 andalucian Tersk Thessalian Thoroughbred Tokara Tori Trakehner U Ukrainian Saddle V Vlaamperd Vladimir Heavy Draft Vyatka W Welara Pony Welsh Pony and Cob West African The ponies were expected to survive in very harsh weather, in a land with very little vegetation, covered with snow, which is how the Hokkaidō pony developed Another horse breed believed to be indigenous to Japan is Tokara uma (トカラ馬), raised Native to China, this gorgeous small horse that stands barely at 10 hands high, was on its way to becoming extinct a few years ago. The Guoxia is sometimes called the Rocky Mountain pony and is an Back in the fifties, the Tokara was considered a .

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(2012) Comparative study of hindgut ciliates in horses, mules and donkeys in Turkey (1996) Intestinal ciliates found in the feces of Japanese native tokara pony, with the description of a new genus and a new species. The Japanese Journal of Veterinary A great atmosphere is guaranteed with live music and “boeresport” competitions offering good prizes, and pre-booked horse and quad rides through Wine water slides, jungle gyms, pony rides and more, will make the festival an unforgettable experience Tokara Japanese Confectionery Open House SUN Open house SAT Petting zoo, Santa, cookie decorating, arts and crafts in the historic mansion, pony rides and hayrides on the grounds, noon Saturday, Washington State Capital Museum, 211 W. I tried to classify the ancient horses of Japan by comparing the limb bones of the ancient horses with those of the existing native horses such as the Kiso horse, the Misaki horse, the Hokkaido horse, the Tokara pony, the Korean pony, the Mongolian horse .

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