Sardinian Anglo Arab Horse

Sardinian Anglo-Arab, and Tolfetano. These breeds are a mix of Italian hotblood and warmblood horses, and pony breeds. They also checked samples from 36 Arabian horses to assess the genetic consequences of their common use for the improvement of some local Estonian Native gelding Eksel. Estonian Native is an old breed, there has been horses in the area of modern Estonia about 3000 years. They were bred by local farmers but during the Soviet time the breed almost disappeared as it was not used for agriculture. To produce horses suitable for the cavalry, indigenous Sardinian mares were crossed with oriental-bred stallions such as the foundation sire Osmanié, and, starting from 1883, also with French-bred Anglo-Arabian stallions. A goal of a minimum of 25% Come on in and browse thousands of Horses today! Italian breeds of horses: Anglo-Arab Sardinian horse Anglo-Arab Sardinian horse – Cavallo Anglo-Arabo Sardo Italian breeds of horses Origins and aptitudes. Breed of horses originating from Sardinia. Sardinian (horse) or Sardinian Anglo-Arab Selle Francais or Selle Francaise Shire horse Shagya Arabian Sorraia Spanish Mustang Spanish Tarpan, see Sorraia Spotted Saddle horse Sokolsky horse Soviet Heavy Draft Standardbred Suffolk Punch Swedish Ardennes control-region sequences from ten of the most important Italian riding horse and pony breeds: Bardigiano, Esperia, Giara, Lipizzan, Maremmano, Monterufolino, Murgese, Sarcidano, Sardinian Anglo-Arab, and Tolfetano. A collection of 36 Arabian horses was .

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“Italian horseracing business is facing a strong crisis..everywhere. Here in Sardinia we have the Anglo-Arab Sardo horses, an internetional excellence, but we are suffering the same dangerous decline.” Franco F. horse trainer with 50 years of experience said. The yellow calf (cross between Normand and Charolais), the Anglo-Arab (cross between the English Thoroughbred and the Arabian horse) are ‘mixed-race enriched with the blue blood of the pure race Thoroughbreds combined with the blood of .

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