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I had only seen the stunning Lipizzaner horses on television before the horses are brought from their home at Federal Stud Piber to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. It’s then a three year process to go from more simple riding techniques a horse that’s bred for the job of modern dressage. Lipizzans, they might presume, are cavalry mounts held over from another age and time. The implication, I sometimes feel, is that those of us who opt to learn and compete on baroque breeds have attached Those words also aptly describe the Spanish Riding School, in which Vienna’s famous Lipizzaner horses perform in a building literally fit for a king. In about 1562, Archduke Maximillian, a member of the Habsburg family who later became Holy Roman Emperor Dressage is one of the most unique Olympic sports. Some horses, like the Lipizzaners at Tempel Farms, in Old Creek Mill, IL, turn the sport of dressage into an art. They can dance to classical music. WFMT visited Tempel Farms to see how everyone on two This includes the training of the young riders and the horses according to the principals of dressage. The second purpose of the Spanish Riding School is the breeding of the Lipizzan horses. Only the best are kept to continue the line. The Lipizzana (or ELEGANT and disciplined at all times, they trot, pirouette and capriole with what seems like the greatest of ease, steered by impeccable riders in tailcoat and hat. But it takes years of training to achieve the level of perfection exhibited at Vienna’s .

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This photograph is part of Dr. Harold Neibert’s collection and was taken during his work with Lipizzaner horses during World War II. Neibert helped to rescue the horses in the 1940s. He owns Yorkshire Animal Hospital in Springettsbury Township. Background I saw these beautiful horses with MY grandfather We drove up from Naples to watch the Royal Lipizzan Stallions of Austria training session in Myakka. It was definitely worth the drive. The training session lasted about two hours of continuous Vienna, Austria is home to the Spanish Riding School and its prized Lipizzaner horses, which have kept the art of classical high school dressage alive for over 450 years. Near the end of World War II these magnificent animals were almost lost forever, and I felt like a character in a Jane Austen novel as I sat high up on the carriage next to the driver. The twin white lipizzaners led us at a surprisingly smooth, comfortable pace on tree lined avenues through the stud farm’s extensive pastures past mares .

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