Kinsky Horse

The development of the Kinsky horse is closely linked with the history of the Chlumec branch of the Kinsky family and in particular Count Oktavian Kinsky (1813–1896). The family of the Count had for decades bred Thoroughbreds for horse racing or Kinsky horses (Equus Kinsky) from the Kinsky stud depicted on new stamps by Czech Post belong to the best horse breeds in the Czech Republic. The typical feature is their gold-coloured coat and black (duns) mane. The breeding of horses in Chlumetz stud Throughout its rich history, Czechoslovakia has been the point of origin for while black horses are raised at a separate farm in Slatinany. The Kinsky horse, one of the rarest horse breeds in the world, has roots steeped in legend. My Thesis is dedicated to a Czech horse breed, the Kinsky Horse, focusing on the history of this extraordinary breed and the aristocratic family, which had been inseparably linked with its development. Without the Kinsky family this splendid breed could Our data provide deep insight into the distribution of coat-color-associated in Przewalski’s horse. Higher frequencies of these alleles are only found in breeds that are selected for their expressed phenotypes (e.g., Kinsky horse, Lewitzer, Tinker). After World War II, demand for working horses decreased dramatically and the Czech Warmblood became mostly a sport breed. Kinsky horses originated in Bohemia, an area that became the core of Czechoslovakia. Bred by the Kinsky family in the 1700s .

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Sport horses with a difference are being bred in Kent, where Czech-born Kamilla Bauer-Lewis has established a stud for the ancient Bohemian breed, the Kinsky horse. Their eye-catching metallic gold colour has made the breed a national treasure in the Czech holds its annual Feast of the Kinsky Horses every June. Riding lessons cost less than £4.50 an hour, and you can join the annual October drag hunt for £50 a head followed by a castle ball for £24 a ticket. The following day, most participants head over Countess Kinsky is a 3yo brown filly (female) from Australia trained by Donna Riordan, who is based at Ascot. She is sired by the stallion Alfred Nobel out of the dam Anhinga. Countess Kinsky is yet to break her maiden status, having not won a race yet .

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