Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse

In June the Marsh Tacky horse, a breed now on the verge of extinction, became the official State Heritage Horse of South Carolina. The nearly extinct Marsh Tacky horses from South Carolina. Only 150 pure horses left. Anyone willing to step up to the plate They certainly are of hardy stock – being a mix of Shetland pony and Carolina Marsh Tacky. The Carolina Marsh Tacky tab on our Facebook page at, You can view all the cute pictures, “Like” your Observing the way they graze on green pastures and gallop through all types of terrain, it might be difficult know the Carolina Marsh Tacky horse was on the brink of extinction. The breed, which is native to the coastal marshlands of South Carolina To make an already stressful situation even worse, two beloved horses were stolen from a South Carolina farm during a rain storm. A pair of Marsh Tacky horses were reported stolen in the midst of a recent storm that hit Kershaw County on April 23. In 2010, the South Carolina legislature passed a bill that made the Marsh Tacky the State Heritage Horse. Real estate broker Billy Benton bought Little Rosie for Gunnell in April from Marsh Tacky breeder Ricky Warren, who lives in Ravenel. The mare’s Who would steal a marsh tacky? They’re friendly, lovable little horses — a gift from the South Carolina Lowcountry’s mysterious past. Perhaps that was to their own detriment as they apparently walked off with a stranger who broke a lock on a gate .

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They certainly are of hardy stock – being a mix of Shetland pony and Carolina Marsh Tacky. The Carolina Marsh Tacky horse is a rare breed whose ancestry goes back to Every horse needs a home. Few moments are more treasured than watching a once starved There are only 300 Tackys alive today. “It is believed that Daufuskie Island is the last place these horses would have lived in the wilderness,” said Jackie McFadden, of the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association. “So it’s the perfect place for this year You can tell history is a passion — and so is his love for the Carolina Marsh Tacky horse. Colonial Spanish horses that were originally found only on the Islands and in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, they were left behind to fend for themselves when The horses were used by the colonists during the American Revolution, and by South Carolinians for farm work, herding cattle and hunting throughout the breed’s history. Carolina Marsh Tacky Association. Irish Draft Horse, the national horse of Ireland. .

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