California Dog Bite Law

California Dog Bite Law

California Dog Bite Law

Folks who have never been attacked by a dog may think about a dog bite to be a comparatively minor matter. Along with causing a substantial number of injuries on a yearly basis, dog bites also are a frequent reason for insurance claims. California’s dog bite law states an owner is just strictly liable in the event the injury due to their dog was a bite.

The operator must pay all damages caused by a dog bite. Although he is generally liable under the law, there is an exception. In the context of California’s dog bite statute, the dog owner is accountable for the injuries brought on by her or his dog even in the event the owner wasn’t responsible or negligent. He told the family with small children that they cannot go into the backyard because of the dog being skittish of strange people.

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The best method to pinpoint what type of reimbursement you are entitled to in a dog bite claim is via the guidance of private injury lawyer, Mickey Fine. If you’re even bitten by a dog, it is necessary that you seek out medical attention straight away and get treatment for your wounds. A situation that some may not take note of is dogs are occasionally triggered by running or cycling. A dog that’s caused discomfort will often resort to biting to alleviate the stress of the circumstance.

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