Australian Brumby Horse

Known as Brumby’s horses and later as ‘brumbies’, the word came to mean wild horses. Mobs of brumbies that most famously roam the Australian Alps today are descended from lost, abandoned or escaped horses that in some cases belonged to early European Brumbies are descendants of horses is the Australian Alps – the “high country” of Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, much of which consists of national parks. According to government surveys, the brumby population Anne Wilson of the South East Queensland Brumby Association, says Australia “was built on horseback”. She told the BBC the continent was pioneered by settlers on horseback, and this is the reason horses featured prominently in the Sydney Olympics opening Left front hoof of a feral Brumby mare living on soft, sandy footing in Central West Queensland, Australia, where food and water are plentiful. The feral horse foot may not be the appropriate benchmark model for equine foot health, an Australian Now, the Wilsons are trying to do the same for the Australian brumby, raising Kickstarter funding for a webseries about the animals. The Kaimanawa horses run wild in the Central Plateau and the Department of Conservation lead an annual muster to The Australian Brumby Challenge has brought together a group of dedicated, passionate and talented horse trainers and a group of totally wild, unhandled Australian Brumbies who had been caught from the wild in the Kosciuszko and Alpine National Parks in .

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Chris performing a handstand with his brumby Tallara (Photo: Anne Young) The Australian Brumby Challenge attracts horse trainers, both professional and unprofessional) from across Australia. Each competitor has been partnered with a wild brumby for 150 Australia is home to the largest population of wild horses in the world. They are everywhere except for Tasmania. The brumby has strong roots in Australian folklore – a favourite of Banjo Patterson, the horse was mentioned most famously in ‘The Man from As a pony-mad child, one of my favourite books was, “The Silver Brumby”. The story followed the daily life of a herd of wild horses that eked out a meagre living in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. When the story was set back in the 1950s, there was Horses are best adapted to open grassy plains but are found in a wide variety of other environments. In Australia, the brumby horses are found in high numbers grazing prime pasture land reserved for cattle, but they survive quite well in some of the .

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