Amikoshi Siamese

Siamese do not like being left alone for long periods of time, and if you work during the day, it may be smart to have two of them so they can keep busy. We would like to recognize that a Siamese, along with all races, is a compulsive carnivore that needs meat, preferably raw. The Siamese can be far from strangers and is often restless with newcomers at home. Siamese are called small men and women in fur because they interact and talk to their people.
When choosing a race, consider exactly how and how often the cat vocalizes. If you are looking for a cat that interacts with the whole family, a Siamese kitten is the best alternative. These cats come to us from a variety of situations. Hybrid cats can be fun and entertaining animals for the right people, but they are not for everyone.
Make sure you recognize what kind of cat you are receiving and which is the type of pet you want. Perhaps the most important consideration to know about these cats is that they are talkative and stubborn. Siamese cats can not be explained, they must be lived. You know, when you’re sick, they want to console you and they will not leave you on your side. In hybrids, more than any other breed of cats, it is important to give the cat the right atmosphere. Hybrid cats can naturally occur.

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